About Carol Burbank

My journey has been guided by curiosity, creativity, and a passion for service.

_P7A8214_0122_ppI’m one of those people who loves change, a seeker. As a result, I’ve worked in many settings, studying and exploring, always with an eye to helping others find their authentic voice, their true way of being. I’ve learned to love my restless story, and the journey that has taken me from teacher to journalist to healer and coach, landing me in the DC area with a heartfelt business designed to help others create a life they love as much as I love mine. I believe our greatest gift to the world is to answer the call to adventure that is ours and ours alone! And I know that the world responds with abundance and new challenges as we change and grow.

Storyweaving integrates all the work I’ve done in my journeying — feeds my writer’s heart and my creative work, satisfies my love of teaching and mentoring, applies my Ph.D. research in cultural and individual change, grounds my leadership work in practical, sustainable ways to build authenticity, and celebrates the connection of mind body and spirit I’ve learned from my Hawaiian teachers.

Who am I?

A writer, teacher, mentor, healer and coach, and a gardener (moonflowers!) I am also a traveler, a reader, and shameless lover of pop culture!

What do I love? STORIES — their energy, their power, their delightful shapeshifting way of diving deep into our unconscious hopes and fears while dancing lightly on the head of pin.

Why did I create Storyweaving? Because modern life is hard, and so is change, and as I learned how to embrace my own truth and expand my own gifts, I found a way to help others do the same thing, starting where they are. (That’s the only place we can start!)

What are my gifts? Holding a space for people to find their own voice, their own dreams, their own beliefs. Curiousity, playfulness, integrity, courage, connection.

How did I learn what I know?

  • My Ph.D. research in individual and social transformation trained me to recognize the how and why of shifting identities and relationships in a changing society. (Northwestern University, Performance Studies)
  • Mentoring and teaching people of all ages taught me to work with people where they are, and hold a challenging space where what is possible expands. (My experience includes teaching at the University of Maryland, Union Institute and University, University of New England, Pacifica Graduate Institute, UNVA, and Sofia University.)
  • My writing (plays, scholarship, poetry, journalism and fiction) gave me discipline, focus, and a way to celebrate creativity and the power of story. As I learned to play well with the Muse, I learned many ways of getting into a state of flow — and helping others get there as well.
  • Exploring the arts (directing and acting) gave me an unforgettable experience of the power and flexibility of a good story as a force for healing and discovery.
  • Study of traditional energy healing showed me how important balancing mind, spirit and body and being in integrity are to feeling authentic and connected in the world.

Where can you find me now?


Want to know more? Contact me to set up a free 30 minute session, and find out how we can work together!

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