Coaching and Mentoring for Writers and Artists

Personal Coaching and Healing

Coaching is more than listening and encouragement. Itʻs a creative collaboration that helps you break through blocks, change bad habits and set healthy goals so you can live a better, more creative and satisfying life. Itʻs empowering help when you need it so you can get where you want to go.

Weʻll work together so you can reach your goals.

As a coach, I hold a space for you to figure out practical solutions to your challenges, and move gracefully through transitions.  I work with many different kinds of people, but my clients usually feel deep down they can find a better way to live. They know they have resources but theyʻre not quite sure how or why theyʻre not using them fully. They want to really be present in the world.

Many of my coaching clients decide to combine regular phone sessions with energy work,  Storyweaving sessions, or workshops. Touching on all levels of your life, we approach the challenge from different angles, giving energy and focus to healthy choices, and moving forward in your unique process.


I help my clients:

*work through creative challenges, tasks and projects (writers and artists welcome!)
*energize their personal and professional lives
*start something new, and keep it going
*find grounded, practical tools to change habits and live more joyfully.

My clients are:

*ready to change and re-energize their lives and work
*passionate people moving out of relationships or into new work
*writers and artists struggling with creative blocks
*retirees who finally have the time to do what they want to do, but need to break through old habits and doubts
*determined people who have survived major trauma or illness, and need to redefine who they are now

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