Life Coaching

Storyweaving Coaching Makes Room for the Extraordinary

Life coaching is a gift you give yourself, getting the help you need to create the life you love.


You deserve support to energize your curiosity and your passion. What will you discover when you look at the world in a new way? Contact me to find out!

Whether you face challenges in your relationships, your work, your health or your inner balance, a coach supports you in shifting what can be changed, and building healthy responses to challenging situations. Your priorities, your goals and your gifts are at the center of our coaching work.




We can work together via Skype, on the phone, or in person, depending on your needs! We can also schedule half or full day intensives to move you forward quickly with clarity, getting you from crisis mode to healthy action!

Storyweaving Coaching brings more than healthy goal-setting, accountability and clarity (although you’ll get all of those benefits!) Storyweaving works at the level of your core stories, in playful and practical ways, to fuel healthy change.

So, what is a core story?

It’s the deep belief or personal myth that drives your life. Your biography is only the beginning — we work with the cultural and “stories of your life” that drive your expectations and experiences. Jung called these “archetypes,” and all of us weave them into our ways of being, consciously and unconsciously. Our work will free you from the stories that hold you back, and strengthen the stories that move you towards a joyful, satisfying life. As we work towards your goals, in practical steps, you’ll also learn how to weave a better story, and therefore create sustainable changes.

I help my clients find and honor their own strengths as they change the habits and relationships that get in the way of their goals. At heart, it’s about transforming the story we’re living so we have more freedom, satisfaction and success. These practical strategies mean creative collaboration, empowering support so my clients can get where they want to go. I work with each client to design a unique process to move forward.

Want to speed the process up, reduce stress, and heal physically, mentally and emotionally? Storyweaving Coaching can also integrate coaching and healing work through Hawaiian energetics ( a traditional indigenous healing philosophy that builds energy, stamina and health, ho’oponopono, Reiki and Cranial Sacral Therapy. I offer a variety of supplemental modalities to reduce stress, heal old wounds, and help my clients move forward! Find out more….
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