Energy Healing

Energy healing supports healthy change, moves you quickly through personal and professional transitions, and offers physical healing that increases emotional and spiritual well-being.

I created Storyweaving Journeys that combine coaching with energy work in visionary sessions that speed change and help you find tools to bring your deepest insights into every day practice.

Sessions last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. We focus on an issue or question or part of your life you’re ready to explore and shift, in a short coaching session. Then we move to my massage table, where you take a journey — like a waking dream — exploring that deep place where your core stories live, linking your conscious and unconscious resources. I work with your physical, energetic, and emotional systems to help you shift and find answers, offering relaxation, healing and expansion as you explore. I ask neutral questions — you go where you want, you make all the choices! Finally, we end with a coaching session to turn the tools you discovered in your journey into practical actions to help you make the changes you want in your daily life.

Storyweaving Journeys have WONDERFUL side effects. In addition to creating sustainable change strategies, boosting confidence, and energizing creativity, they:

• support immune health and recovery from illness and trauma
• energize connections between mind, body and spirit
• build resources and integrate new habits, insights and experiences
• reduce pain, critical and chronic (headache, backache)
• increase alertness, focus and relaxation


If you simply want energy healing to reduce stress, ease physical pain or overcome a chronic or impairing illness, Iʻm happy to share these effective methods to support your recovery and strength. My training includes Hawaiian Energetics (traditional Hawaiian healing), Reiki and Cranial Sacral Therapy. All of these healing practices shape your Storyweaving Journey; but you can experience them separately as you need for your healing!

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