Choose from these opportunities to use Storyweaving to love the story of your life! Books, online classes, face-to-face workshops, individual sessions, manuscript evaluations available…

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Storyweaving Books

Storyweaving Playbooks Because play is the only way to make sustainable change work! These self-paced workbooks stimulate creative and practical exploration. They are a sequence of playful story-building exercises, connected to practical goals and tools that help you change your life by becoming aware of your inner stories, and bringing your daily choices into alignment… Continue reading Storyweaving Books

Online Courses

Self Paced Online Courses Learn Any Time! These virtual video courses can help you find your best life path, and energize your creativity. You can love the story of your life!     Free Class: CLAIM YOUR JOY! Do you feel restless, caught between endings and beginnings, clogged up and frustrated? Do you have a… Continue reading Online Courses

Book Proposal Workshop

Congratulations on that manuscript! Now it’s time to write your book proposal. In this workshop, you’ll learn what the format and style makes a strong proposal, create your “hook,” draft a strong bio and synopsis, and answer your questions about how to identify and convince agents and publishers. Note: Some publishers and agents want to… Continue reading Book Proposal Workshop

Manuscript Evaluation

Why Do I need a Professional Manuscript Evaluation? Many authors use these professional evaluations to complete final revisions before self-publication or submitting their work to agents and publishers. Beta readers (usually friends and colleagues) cannot be as honest or as thorough as an experienced writing mentor and editor. Give yourself the gift of a meaningful,… Continue reading Manuscript Evaluation

Personal Retreats

What could you discover if you gave yourself the time and space to be yourself? Storyweaving Retreats, or Intensives, offer a time out from your everyday distractions, and a time to go inward to ground and energize. These personal retreats are designed for your specific needs, whether you are a writer or artist needing time… Continue reading Personal Retreats