SONIC WAVE JOURNEY (Tibetan Bowl Meditation) July 12

7:30 p.m.
Storyweaving Retreat Center
Cynthia Maltenfort
$25.00 (Click here to reserve your place).

Join us for a deeply relaxing experience to cool off a summer evening. Soak in the sound spectrum of chimes, singing bowls, and gongs, inducing a restful and rejuvenated state. Layered with guided meditation, your mind will be supported in staying present, letting go of past and future thoughts, and finding the peace of “being” in the present moment. According to Eastern ideas, humans were created out of, and essential ARE sound. If human beings are “in tune” with themselves and their environment, then they are able to arrange their lives freely and creatively.

This concert will bless the Storyweaving Retreat Center and initiate Maltenfort’s weekend workshop, Vibrational Sound Certification Tibetan Tones. (Spaces are still available for this immersive class!)