Storyweaving Playbooks

Because play is the only way to make sustainable change work!

These self-paced workbooks stimulate creative and practical exploration. They are a sequence of playful story-building exercises, connected to practical goals and tools that help you change your life by becoming aware of your inner stories, and bringing your daily choices into alignment with your unique calling. These Playbooks are built on the foundation of the Hero’s Journey, the universal core story that activates each and every one of us to find and live our best self.

STORYWEAVING PLAYBOOK ONE: Answer the Call to Adventure

Take your hero’s journey to the next level! This unique playbook will awaken your inner hero, and bring that wonderful, wise part of you into the world! You’ll start where you are (not where anyone else thinks you should be!), release blocks and celebrate your strengths, claim your inner and outer allies on your own hero’s journey, and finally, dive deep into your own story to take the leap and cross the threshold to answer your unique call to adventure.

Whether you’re stuck or just restless, just beginning your journey or needing a boost along the way, connect to your call to your adventure will help you find the energy and joy you need to move forward to a more joyful, satisfying life. Depending on your time, this process should take 1-3 months to complete.

Perfect –bound hard copy, only $19.95, plus shipping.


Book 2: COMING IN SPRING, 2019

SHIFTING FREE: Claiming Your Shapeshifter Resilience

Many of us have heard the call to adventure, and love our lives, but find ourselves exhausted, overtaxed, and spread thin in the many roles we’re called to play as we answer that calling. This playbook will help you claim your natural shapeshifter nature, with integrity and grounded strength, and find the resilience and creativity that will energize your hero’s journey. You’ll explore the shapeshifter’s gifts in your life, and learn about three key archetypal allies who keep your many roles honest, effective, and integrated. You’ll see how activating your shapeshifter skills will help you enjoy your relationships and work more, claiming both flexible roleplay and a deep connection to your inner core, the soul-self that fills each diverse role with authenticity and joy.

Over the next three months, I’ll be sharing the first Shapeshifter Resilience trainings at the Storyweaving Retreat Center. Email me to find out how you can take part in these developmental workshops, shared for a love offering with my gratitude for helping me test and shape these new Storyweaving exercises.

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If you want to use these self-paced tools, but also want support, you can purchase a 3-session coaching package along with the playbook, and get guidance along the way.