There’s something wonderful about gathering in a small group of committed creatives and seekers. As you build your toolkit with Storyweaving’s practical and playful strategies, you’ll clear out stagnant and stuck stories, making room for dynamic and expanding ways to share your gifts. The Storyweaving process helps you be authentic and resilient, and answer your calling in the world.

We’ll meet for a half-day, one-day, or 2-3 day retreat from the world at the Storyweaving Retreat Center, or at your organization or home. Each member of your group will receive intensive support. All participants get an additional discount for coaching or healing work to follow through on their new discoveries and goals.

The beauty of Storyweaving explorations is that we discover, together in a small group of seekers, what we too often forget — that we have the power to find the tools to make change healthy, playful and steady! We wake up to the world of possibility.

As we work through creative exercises and access core stories and values that shape us, our stuck stories loosen up and begin to shift. Insights, ideas and projects expand. The foundation of who we are gets stronger, and blocks shrink and fade. For people ready to tap into their innate Storyweaving gifts, hungry for sustainable, satisfying change, these intensives offer a way to work through blocks, energize projects and gain confidence in a small group of like-minded seekers.

At heart, you already know what you need to do to bring your unique voice into the world — it’s a matter of remembering how and learning to get out of your own way!  The tools I share support you as you change your habits and complete your projects, easily and naturally.

Upcoming Workshops at the Storyweaving Retreat Center:

March 30: Resiliency Training 101: Activate Your Shapeshifter Magic

May 9 & 23: Generate Strong Marketing Templates to Publish, Sell, and Share Your Book!

Contact me for more information or to schedule your own workshop!