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Coaching and Mentoring for Writers and Artists Personal Coaching and Healing Coaching is more than listening and encouragement. Itʻs a creative collaboration that helps you break through blocks, change bad habits and set healthy goals so you can live a better, more creative and satisfying life. Itʻs empowering help when you need it so you can get where you want to go. Weʻll work together so you can reach your goals. As a coach, I hold a space for you to figure out practical solutions to your challenges, and move gracefully through transitions.  I work with many different kinds of people, but my clients usually feel deep down they can find a better way to live. They know they have resources but theyʻre not quite sure how or why theyʻre not using them fully. They want to really be present in the world. Many of my coaching clients decide to combine regular phone sessions with energy work,  Storyweaving sessions, or workshops. Touching on all levels of your life, we...

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Storyweaving Intensives New workshops currently being scheduled for Winter and Spring! Let me know if your group, church or school wants to schedule a workshop featuring my new Storyweaving Playbook: Answer the Call to Adventure!  There’s something wonderful about gathering in a small group of committed creatives and seekers. We meet for a half-day, one-day, or 2-3 day retreat from the world. Each member of your group will receive a journal/workbook,intensive support, and, if we hold the retreat at my Woodland Center, a healthy, delicious lunch. All participants get an additional discount for coaching or healing work to follow through on their new discoveries and goals. The beauty of Storyweaving intensives is that we discover, together in a small group of seekers, what we too often forget — that we have the power to find the tools to make change healthy, playful and gentle! We wake up to the world of possibility. As we work through creative exercises and access core stories, stuck stories loosen up and begin to...

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About Carol Burbank

About Carol Burbank

My journey has been guided by curiosity, creativity, and a passion for service. I’m one of those people who loves change, a seeker. As a result, I’ve worked in many settings, studying and exploring, always with an eye to helping others find their authentic voice, their true way of being. I’ve learned to love my restless story, and the journey that has taken me from teacher to journalist to healer and coach, landing me in the DC area with a heartfelt business designed to help others create a life they love as much as I love mine. I believe our greatest gift to the world is to answer the call to adventure that is ours and ours alone! And I know that the world responds with abundance and new challenges as we change and grow. Storyweaving integrates all the work I’ve done in my journeying — feeds my writer’s heart and my creative work, satisfies my love of teaching and mentoring, applies my Ph.D. research in cultural and individual...

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What Clients are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say.

“Thank you for always being an encouraging voice. I have my own little cheerleader in my head, but having an external one who has walked this road before helps tremendously!”

Carol, I had a simply wonderful day experiencing your leadership and sistership in exploring the art of writing and creativity in general. You made our external and internal spaces so comfy, and shared many new, playful-yet-deep tools, as well as serving us a perfect lunch. Thanks so much – can’t wait for the next opportunity to attend another of your workshops!

I didn’t realize how much a good writing coach could help. I wanted a more efficient writing process, as a part of a larger goal to boost billable hours. With Carol’s help I trimmed my production time in half!

In addition, we improved my internal review process and made changes guaranteed to please my clients. It’s great to know that when I hit the next writing challenge, Carol is there with expert guidance and support.

I canʻt believe how easy it is to paint now! I have been taking notice of trees and have even taken a few pictures of them. This past weekend I got out my water color paints and painted a floral watercolour picture.  My second painting ever……. and I am very pleased with the result and the feeling of the whole Storyweaving process.


My shoulder feels so much better, and I feel really relaxed!

I had sudden insights in my conversations with Carol that accelerated my progress in ways that would not otherwise  have occurred or would have happened more slowly without her.  I deeply relaxed in her presence and was able to get rid of some stupid habits.  I did suddenly emerge with a plan and an image of my future, which integrated several aspects of my life.  Things seem easier for me now than they did before we worked together.  I was able to end the sessions without drama and fanfare, and believe I gained a great deal from meeting with her over the past winter.

Working with Carol Burbank was a delight! She helped us to understand and cultivate pono, or balance, as we pursue the next chapter of our lives. We look forward to working with her in the future!

  • Lisa M., Writer
  • Carey Creed, Singer/Songwriter
  • Patrise Henkel, marketing consultant
  • Rosemary N., Retiree/new artist Creative Coaching client
  • L.H. Energy Healing Client
  • Diana A., Artist  Storyweaving Client
  • J. & L. Bethesda, MD. Coaching and Energy Works Clients
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