What is Storyweaving?

Storyweaving ™ will help you find the resources for new possibilities, new energy for a healthy, satisfying life by shifting and strengthening your core stories

Your core stories are your deep beliefs, myths, and personal narratives that shape your expectations and experiences!

spiralheartThink of it this way: our stories are the engines of our choices, hopes and connection with the world. If you had a car, and you needed to repair the engine, a paint job or fancy tires would only make it look new. The same old engine will give the same old results: at best, a rough ride, and at worst, a breakdown when it’s least convenient. Storyweaving rebuilds your engine so you can go where you want to go, when you’re ready.

Our stories are not trivial. They are probably the most important tool and least valued tool we have for creating the lives we want. At first, most of my clients don’t love the story they’ve created unconsciously out of their circumstances and experiences. But when they learn to use their natural gifts of Storyweaving, they find out how to build the life they love by changing at the deepest level – the level of their core stories.

Our stories affect our biochemistry, our emotional lives, and all of our connections with the world around us. We live them in negotiation with our culture. I help my clients wake up their natural creative ability to change their stories and find their authentic self-expression in the world.  Changing, editing and expanding their stories helps them change and expand their lives. Through that process, they usually find a deep connection to the world, and to their longed for call to adventure, the first step that takes us on the transformational hero’s journey that leads each of us home to our true selves.

How does it work?

Using creative tools that combine coaching, energy transformation, and playful personal exploration, Storyweaving™ breaks through physical, emotional and creative blocks to give you a new sense of freedom and power.

There are four ways to experience Storyweaving™:phone or online coaching, healing sessions combining coaching and energy work, half- and full-day intensives that move you from crisis to clarity, and workshops for groups.

Every client is unique; every collaboration is different. Most of my clients experience results in three to seven sessions, and many move beyond challenges theyʻve struggled with for years. Issues that seemed impossible ease and release: my clients have recovered from chronic illness or pain, changed core habits, healed from PTSD, addiction or depression, and increased their creative energy and focus. The key to their success is that Storyweaving™ is a deeply collaborative process. My clients find their own strengths and solutions, playful, practical and sustainable.

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