Storyweaving Coaching and Consulting evolved out of 20 years of teaching, journalism, and scholarly research, a playful, creative strategy to support sustainable change and creative solutions for our times.

Storyweaving meets clients where they are to support their unique mission with multiple, flexible strategies to build resilience and successful achievement. 

Storyweaving coaching, books, consulting, workshops and retreats provide a playful, practical space for individuals and groups to free themselves from the outmoded and unhealthy stories holding them back.

I had sudden insights in my conversations with Carol that accelerated my progress in ways that would not otherwise have occurred or would have happened more slowly without her.  I deeply relaxed in her presence and was able to get rid of some stupid habits.  I did suddenly emerge with a plan and an image of my future, which integrated several aspects of my life.  Things seem easier for me now than they did before we worked together.  I was able to end the sessions without drama and fanfare, and believe I gained a great deal from meeting with her over the past winter.

Diana S.

I had a simply wonderful day experiencing leadership and sistership in exploring the art of writing and creativity in general. She helped us feel comfortable in our external and internal space, and shared many new, playful-yet-deep tools, as well as serving us a perfect lunch. Thanks so much – can’t wait for the next opportunity to attend another workshop!

Carey C., singer/songwriter

Carey C.