Retreat Center

Washington, DC Area Retreat Center

Conference Room & Break Out Spaces
30 Minutes from Capitol Hill

Welcome to the Storyweaving Retreat Center! Join me for Storyweaving workshops or rent the space for your own workshops or group retreats. This unique, flexible space works wonderfully for small-groups and classes (6-20 people), with multiple breakout spaces, a generous kitchen, and a guest room and private work space available for the workshop leader who wants to make this home base.

Located in a wooded neighborhood in Fort Washington, MD, the center is near walkable natural national park trails and the beautiful Piscataway Creek and Potomac River.

Depending on the package you choose, you’ll have access to:

  • A conference room with video/computer display capability
  • Full kitchen
  • Seasonal screened porch,
  • Generous living room and dining room
  • WIFI access
  • Coffee and tea provided; generally you will cater meals
  • On-site massage therapist, acupuncturist, or CST energy worker on request.

This space is Ideal for spiritual retreats, classes, small retail events, and intimate board meetings.


Fort Washington, MD
Available Starting in March, 2019

Contact me via email for a price list and more information.


Upcoming Events

July 12-14
Vibrational Sound Certification Tibetan Tones
Cynthia Maltenfort

Objective: To educate and inspire in the process of using Tibetan Tones®multi harmonic, long sustaining vibrational singing bowls to initiate feelings of safety and security in a state of deep relaxation.

 Bowls: The Tibetan Tones® singing bowls are made specifically for long sustaining deep multi-harmonic vibrations. Made of purest bell metals in a  hand hammered process. In our Fair Trade facility in India and Nepal. Students choose their own bowls from wide selection of pro therapy and studio concert playing styles.

$450 for the class. Bowls also available for purchase.

To Register:

Sept 12-15, 2019
Hawaiian Energetics – Initial Training
Seven Wisdom’s Institute (Rick Vrenios)

The Hawaiian Energetics – Initial 3+ Day Training shares the core wisdom at the heart of our lineage teachings. The concentration of this training is in the healing and spiritual arts of the Medical Kahuna.

Through hands-on learning, the course provides a foundation for thought, exploration, and development of each person as their own kumu (source) of mana (the spiritual creative force) and the elemental forces that are the building blocks of all life. To effectively engage with these energies for yourself and in service to others, a personal relationship with the elements of fire, air, water and earth is essential. Through that, Hawaiian Energetics brings unique perception and treatment possibilities to health care professionals, clients, and students of personal growth.

This teaching invites each person step into the center of their soul and search for the source of their own Mana. Different from many other programs, this training believes that duplication of the teacher is not the expectation. Rather, the training is about you and your natural gifts. We seek to guide you in bringing forth those gifts into your unique way of standing and moving in the world. Ultimately, our goal in this course of study is to assist in the creation of a new kahu, enhancing each of us and insuring the nurturing of the world.

$475 ($425 if you register soon)

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